IBIM’s Free to Be Me Mentoring Program

IBIM’s Mentoring Program helps girls develop a healthy self-image and greater confidence by providing support in a nurturing learning environment which enables them to develop essential skills necessary to face life’s challenges.

IBIM Girls are divided into 3 groups based on their age and grade level as follows:


All girls need a healthy start in life. As they begin their journey to adolescence, IBIM provides girls with a strong foundation of self-love, so that they enter adolescence with a healthy self-image and self-confidence.


 Middle school is a bridge from adolescent to young adulthood. It is a time of transition and rapid physical development that leaves many girls with bruised emotions and diminished esteem as their bodies, emotions and relationships begin to change. IBIM nurtures young ladies through this volatile life stage so that they feel accepted and worthwhile emerging as vibrant, confident, and assured young ladies.


Girls in high school are searching for independence and identity. Their personal needs and priorities are the basis for goals they set for their lives. They are ready to explore and prepare for future careers and roles. IBIM supports these young ladies in discovering their full potential as they serve as Ambassadors to the Dreamers and Stars

IBIM Girls Leadership Development Program

Our leadership development program is designed to build character, self-esteem and to develop strong leadership skills.  IBIM’s leadership program offers interactive life-skills workshops, civic workshops and experimental learning activities.

The program meets Bi-weekly September- April:

  • Non-violent Conflict Resolution

  • Organization & Goal Setting

  • Parent/Guardian Relationships

  • Peer Pressure

  • Personal Creativity

  • Public Speaking

  • Responsibility

  • Social Media

  • Personal Creativity

  • Bullying

  • College Readiness

  • Confidence, Respect & Self-esteem

  • Etiquette

  • Financial Literacy

  • Fitness

  • Health & Wellness

  • Healthy Emotions & Relationships

  • Leadership

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If paying by check Make Checks Payable to: I Believe In Me


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