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Our Mission

The mission of I Believe In Me is to empower girls to B.E.L.I.E.V.E (Become Emerging Leaders Inspiring Excellence and Values Everyday) through group mentoring and leadership training necessary to become responsible, productive and successful members of our community.


Vision Statement

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We envision a community in which every girl develops into their full potential, capable of making informed, responsible decisions as involved members of our community.  Through mentorship we nurture their goals, aspirations and ambitions while encouraging them to flourish into their full potential.

Organizational Goals

• Support healthy lifestyles by offering health and fitness programs;
• Campaign against violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and sexual misbehavior among youth;
• Encourage giving back by providing monthly community service project;
• Encourage money management and entrepreneurship by offering business and finance and entrepreneurship programs;
• Encourage post graduate education by discussing the possibilities of a college education, visiting local colleges, offering assistance with application submissions and providing scholarships to qualifying participants.